Frequently asked questions

1. Place the sheet of paper on the floor as shown in the picture. Stand on the sheet with your heel resting on the wall.

2. Draw a line at the big toe.

3. The writing instrument when drawing a line must be perpendicular, i.e. i.e. would form an angle of 90° with the floor plane.

4. Use a ruler to measure the length in centimeters from the edge of the sheet to the drawn line.

– When buying athletic shoes, add 3mm to the length of the foot.

– The result obtained using the size charts below will help you determine the correct shoe size.

Ilgis (cm)DydisIlgis (cm)DydisIlgis (cm)Dydis
11,6 1918,3 292539
12,3 20193025,640
13 2119,63126,3 41

Other tips:

– Measure both feet. It happens that the length of the feet is slightly different. Choose the shoe size according to the larger foot.

– Measure your foot wearing a sock of the thickness with which you intend to wear the shoes most of the time.

– Measure the foot in the evening, because at that time it is a little swollen – so it is bigger.

– It is advisable to measure your feet every time before buying shoes, because scientists have proven that the size and shape of their feet change slightly with age. Sometimes the size of the foot is slightly adjusted by pregnancy or weight changes.

– When measuring shoes for young children, allow the child to run a little without shoes. This will stretch his toes and make the measurement more accurate.

Information about the ingredients of footwear can be provided in several ways. One of them is to use icons (contract signs). Below are the sign meanings.

The seller can also provide information without using icons, but only with the help of written references, for example, upper – genuine leather, lining and padding – textile, sole – other materials.

The quality and safety of footwear depends on the materials from which it is made. The manufacturer must provide information from which materials these constituent parts of the footwear are made – upper, lining and insole, sole. The materials used to produce each component of the footwear must be indicated, making up at least 80% of footwear upper, 80 percent of the lining and pad surface area, not less than 80 percent. footwear sole volume. If none of these substances make up more than 80% area or volume of the corresponding footwear parts, information is given on the two main component materials.

1. Choose the desired footwear model.

2. Choose the desired shoe size.

3. Add the selection to the shopping cart by clicking the “Add to cart” link

4. View the shopping list of the order in the cart, confirm the selection by clicking “Buy”

5. Enter the required information for delivery.

6. Confirm the order by clicking “Submit order”

7. When the confirmation message arrives in your e-mail, pay for the purchase by bank transfer to the specified bank account.

An authorized courier will deliver the product purchased in the online store to your door FREE of charge throughout Lithuania (excluding the Curonian Spit).

Delivery by courier:

The package is delivered to the recipient’s address indicated on the package the day after the package is sent from the Sabalin store.

Before delivering the package to the recipient, the courier contacts the recipient by phone number indicated on the package and informs him about the estimated delivery time of the package.

If it is not possible to contact the recipient by phone, the courier delivers the package to the recipient at the recipient’s address indicated on the package. At the time of delivery, if the parcel cannot be delivered due to no fault, the courier leaves a message of receipt of the parcel in the parcel box of the incoming postal correspondence for the recipient, which indicates the storage address of the undelivered parcel and/or a telephone number, by calling which the recipient of the parcel can receive information about the conditions for collecting the stored parcel.

A parcel that could not be delivered to the address of the consignee through no fault of its own is stored free of charge at the post office/courier’s place of work at the address of the consignee for 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the parcel at the post office/courier’s place of work.

A parcel not picked up by the consignee or not delivered through no fault of the recipient shall be returned to the Sabalin store at the end of the storage period.


1. We remind you that you must choose the delivery address where you will be when the courier delivers the goods to you. If you will be at a different address at the selected time, enter it.

2. Delivery is possible only in Lithuania.

You can pay for purchased goods in the Sabalin online store in the following ways:

1. By bank transfer with the following details:

Company code 110796340

VAT payer code LT107963418

Bank AB Šiaulių bankas

A/S LT107180000004070516

Bank code 718000

In the purpose of payment, specify the order number, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

Returning quality goods:

1. If the purchased goods do not meet your expectations, you can return them within 14 calendar days from their delivery/collection.

2. All returned items must be returned with original tags, protective bags and original, undamaged packaging, and must not be worn or otherwise used. The customer returning the item is responsible for the shipping costs of the quality items. Refunds are made for items within 10 working days of the item reaching the Sabalin store at the specified address.

3. The right to refuse the order does not apply to those goods that have been specially manufactured according to the Buyer’s requirements or individually adapted, or which due to their nature cannot be returned at all, are perishable and their validity expires quickly.

4. UAB “Sabalin” is not responsible for parcels that were sent with an incorrect address.

Conditions for returning defective goods:

1. If you purchased a product of inadequate quality from www.sabalin.lt and the seller did not discuss the product’s shortcomings with you, you have the right to demand from the seller:
– replace a product of unsuitable quality with a product of suitable quality;

– reduce the price of the product accordingly;

– within a reasonable period of time to remove the defects of the product free of charge or to compensate you for the costs of removing the defects of the product;

– return the money paid and unilaterally terminate the contract.

2. If you want to return the goods, you can deliver them to the Sabalin store, located at Žemaitės st. 145, Šiauliai.

3. UAB “Sabalin” undertakes to return the money paid for goods of inadequate quality, if:

– the product’s inadequate quality manifests itself as a manufacturing defect;

– non-compliance with the specifications specified by the manufacturer.

4. The money is returned by transferring it to the client’s personal account. Please submit a completed return form with the returned goods. It is necessary to indicate the number of the bank account to which the refund will be transferred.

5. If the product received is of poor quality or received is not the product that the customer ordered, after sending the returned product, it is necessary to immediately inform the customer service department by e-mail. by mail: shop@sabalin.lt about the incurred postage costs related to the return of the product, by sending a scanned or photographed postal receipt by e-mail. by post The customer service department will inform the returns department and the accounting department about this, so that the money is transferred to the customer together with the amount calculated for the returned product within 10 working days.

There are many different types of skin. Nubuck and smooth leather are made from the hides of large cattle. Nubuck and smooth leather have different finishing methods. For nubuck, the face surface of the leather is sanded. Real suede is made from deer skin. Smooth skin is skin with a smooth surface.

Footwear is constantly exposed to physical and mechanical effects during wear, such as moisture, dirt, sweat, bending, and abrasion.

With proper wearing and care of shoes:

  • they look nicer,
  • waterproof,
  • mud doesn’t stick to them as much,
  • lasts longer,
  • they are more pleasant to wear.

When choosing and wearing footwear, you need to know:

  • Shoes should be chosen according to size and volume. The foot in the shoe must not be compressed.
  • Before wearing new shoes, it is necessary to impregnate them 1-2 times, and you will also protect them from the penetration of water and dirt. Later, impregnate a couple of times a month.

Daily maintenance:.

  • First, clean the dust and dirt with a damp cloth or brush, dry the shoes and only then apply shoe polish.
  • Do not dry footwear at high temperatures and near open heat sources. Due to the heat, the leather hardens and starts to crack, so it is recommended to dry the footwear under natural conditions in the close environment.
  • Footwear is kept (stored) under natural conditions in a close environment.

Thank you for choosing footwear made in our company and we wish you pleasant and comfortable walking.

UAB “Sabalin” produces children’s, women’s, men’s and special purpose footwear.

UAB “SABALIN” shoe designs are created by the company’s modellers, who participate in various exhibitions, read literature, follow the latest fashion trends, etc.

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