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35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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How to determine the correct shoe size?

1. Place the sheet of paper on the floor as shown in the picture. Stand on the sheet so that the heel rests on the wall.

2. Draw a line at the big toe.

3. The writing tool when drawing a line must be perpendicular, i.e. i.e. would form an angle of 90° with the floor plane.

4. Using a ruler, measure the length in centimeters from the edge of the sheet to the drawn line.

– When buying sports shoes, add 3 mm to the foot length.

– The result obtained using the size charts below will help you determine the correct shoe size.

Ilgis (cm)DydisIlgis (cm)DydisIlgis (cm)Dydis
11,6 1918,3 292539
12,3 20193025,640
13 2119,63126,3 41

Other tips:

– Measure both feet. It happens that the length of the feet is slightly different. Choose the shoe size according to the larger foot.

– Measure your foot wearing a sock of the thickness with which you intend to wear the shoes most of the time.

– Measure your foot in the evening, because at that time it is a bit swollen – therefore bigger.

– It is advisable to measure your feet every time before buying shoes, because it has been proven by scientists that the size and shape of a person’s feet change slightly with age. Sometimes the size of the foot is slightly adjusted by pregnancy or weight changes.

– When measuring shoes for young children, allow the child to run a little without shoes. This will stretch his toes and make the measurement more accurate.


Upper: Genuine leather
Interior: Genuine leather
Sole: Other materials

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